Onalanlar Construction and Marketing Co.

Being the flagship and first company of the group, Onalanlar A.S. is serving both local and foreign markets. Activities include both construction and related services and marketing of materials of both local and foreign origin. To have a better focus on marketing of imported goods, Onalanlar A.S. transferred imported goods business to the newly founded Onalanlar Yapı Malzemeleri A.S. in 1999.

1972 to 1982 Onalanlar completed construction of about 275.000 sqm including government and private works of schools, dormitories,warehoues, production facilities, residential homes.

In 1982 Onalanlar started marketing and sales of construction materials. In 1987 imported goods was added to the prduct offerings.

In 2008 Onalanalar completed one of the best private gated communities in Turkey, 9 blocks 90 units. 

Today, besides construction activities, Onalanlar is marketing product of local producer Intema A.S. of Eczacibasi Group and serving both retail and wholesale markets.